NO POO: Day 36

3/27/12 Hey. I know you all probably forgot who I am. You probably forgot what “no poo” means, too. And I’m sorry that I let you down, my devoted followers. But……I haven’t had anything to write about. :O See, after my disgustingly gross (not that bad, I’m overreacting) readjustment period, my hair snapped out of […]

NO POO: Day 26

3/16/11 All I have to say to today is…..curly hair. :O No poo definitely does enhance the natural texture of your hair. Curly hair people are going to have smoother curls. Fine hair will have more volume. Frizzy hair will lose its frizz and gain body.  My hair is curly. I did hit the back […]

NO POO: Days 23 & 24

DAY 23: 3/14/12… PI DAY!! Justin took me to a Sabres game today, so I wanted my hair to look good. But I felt really guilty washing it again, so I washed with just plain water, and then blow dried and straightened it. Now in my last post, I told you about the funky stage that my […]

NO POO: Days 15-22

So I know that I haven’t written in awhile. I KNOW. But some big things have happened since I last wrote! I moved into a new dorm building (and am now living with Nicole!), taught my first lesson, and came home for spring break! So, I’m gonna fill you in on every day since I […]

NO POO: Day 14, and Brigid’s gone NO POO!!

3/5/12 SO today, you get to hear my dear friend Brigid’s no poo story! I sent her some questions to answer for us, and I also have pictures of her progress so far 🙂 Me: What was your hair care routine before no poo? Brigid: My typical hair routine was usually, every other day. My […]

NO POO: Days 11 & 12 & 13…whoops

3/5/12 I spent the weekend at home, and forgot to write! SO HERE WE ARE, writing about days 11, 12 and 13. 🙂 Day 11: 3/1/12–Justin’s 21st birthday! 🙂 My hair felt a little oily, but looked fine when I woke up, so I just left it. Day 12: 3/3/12– Day after….hair felt SO GROSS. […]

NO POO: Day 10

3/1/12 Fun fact: Today is Justin Bieber’s 18th birthday. And tomorrow is Justin (my boyfriend’s) 21st birthday!! 🙂 IRONIC! So anyways, it’s day 10, and this is what my hair looked like literally minutes after I woke up today. I didn’t brush it or anything:  I honestly could have left the room like this and […]

NO POO: Day 9

2/29/12 Today is day 9. And as of yesterday, I have one “no poo” follower (besides Nicole)!! My RA from last semester started no poo yesterday. Hopefully soon I’ll start including interviews of people so you can get as much information about no poo as possible (and hopefully decide to join us!). My friend Lauren […]

NO POO: Day 8

2/28/12 Writing the date just reminded me that my library books are due today… ANYWAYS… Today’s day 8. If you read yesterday’s post from day 7, you’ll remember that yesterday my hair felt kinda greasy. Well when I woke up this morning, it felt fine. It was the strangest thing. I expected to wake up and have […]