About Me

Name: Brianna Q

Age: 19

A little about me…

I’m a full-time student at the Crane School of Music. My major is Music Education with a concentration in Special Music Education, and I’m on track to receive a Performance Certificate when I graduate. Obviously, I love music. I sing, and I also play 7 other instruments. I’ve been a lifelong athlete, and although I don’t play volleyball here at college, I take a kickboxing class twice a week that kicks my ass makes me feel badass. I love my wonderful family and friends, and my two little doggies, Gordon and Rocky. And I’m not even kidding when I say that I think I’ve already found my soulmate in my boyfriend, Justin. I have the best friends you could ask for.

Also, I’m a HUGE drama queen. I believe that humor is the spice of life, and I try to sprinkle some into every day. My family and friends are so used to my dramatic antics (even though they still laugh 🙂 ), but this blog gives me an outlet to share my funnies with everyone! I have two purposes for this blog: ONE, to tell funny anecdotes from my daily life, and TWO, to talk about the NO POO PROJECT!! 

So please feel free to peruse my blog and find out what “NO POO” means, and read my other stories. Chances are, you’ll find something you like. 🙂

Me and my wonderful boyfriend, Justin

My family 🙂


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