Just a quick rant…

I normally try to keep my posts light, humorous, entertaining, and sometimes educational. But this is something I just need to vent about…

Today while talking to someone from one of my classes, she asked me what year I was in school. I told her I was a junior, and she replied, “But this is a class for freshmen!” So I explained to her how I was in Crane, but have since discovered that I want to change majors, and had just started my Early Childhood/Childhood Ed major during the second week of school. I went on to say that my real dream was to study Special Education and work in the field, and that I’d be transferring next year to chase that dream. And her reply was:

“Awhh, that’s so cute! And it’s a great idea, considering you’ll never get cut. It’s job security. The government will never take money away from those kids!”


THOSE KIDS are the ones who made my summer job feel like the complete opposite of work.

THOSE KIDS made me realize how much independence is taken for granted.

THOSE KIDS taught me what it means to be a teacher.

THOSE KIDS made me want to be a more understanding person, as well as more compassionate to those around me.

THOSE KIDS showed me that I DO have a calling, and that I DO now know how I want to spend the rest of my life.

THOSE KIDS helped me to understand why teachers say that they “learn much more from their students than they teach the students.”

JOB SECURITY is NOT why I am changing majors. 

I spent my summer learning how to deal with a broad spectrum of learning, behavioral and physical needs. I spent the summer forming bonds with my students. The special needs students in my room were no different to me than the “mainstream” students in my integrated preschool classroom.

THOSE KIDS, as young as 18 months, played together like there were no differences between any of them.

Girl from my “Principles of Education” class, I think YOU have something to learn from those kids, because my students changed my life, and it had nothing to do with their disabilities.


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