Lucy’s Baby Book

Someday, you’re going to reach a point in your life when you realize that you want a puppy. They’re so cute and cuddly and small, and they even smell like babies. Everything they do is absolutely adorable, even when they poop on your carpet.

IT IS ALL A LIE. I mean, Lucy is cute. Don’t get me wrong. But having a puppy really is like having a baby. Except babies don’t have razor-sharp puppy teeth, or claws. And babies wear diapers, which means you won’t have (well, shouldn’t have) poop on your carpet.

The day we got Lucy, she was so terrified of us. She had never been around other people, and she had never walked on a leash. 

The first time we tried to take her out on a leash. She wasn’t having it.

Basically all she did all day was sleep. When she did wake up, I would try to pet her and she would run away and hide behind the tools that were still in our house from the construction. (for example, the chop saw, the giant ladders, etc.) I tried to coax her onto the blanket that I had spread out onto the floor for her, but she wanted nothing to do with it. She went over and fell asleep on a hammer, so finally I just left her alone. About 20 minutes later, I was in the bathroom washing dishes (because we didn’t have a kitchen sink yet at the time), and suddenly she walks in the bathroom. I stood perfectly still because I didn’t want to scare her, but then she saw me and took off running again. 

in her playpen 🙂

As of the day we got Lucy, we also still didn’t have carpet in the bedroom, so we set our bed up in the living room on the floor. We had purchased a puppy play pen for Lucy to sleep in and stay in while we were gone. I thought it was such a good idea because instead of locking her up in a cage while we were gone, she’d have a big area to sleep and play and run around in. One day, Justin and I went grocery shopping, and we were gone for about an hour. When we got home I unlocked the door, and opened the inside door, and instantly looked to Lucy’s play pen so I could see my cute little baby. And she WAS NOT IN HER CAGE. I had a moment of panic. Who broke in and stole our dog?? I turned to Justin and we shared a look of horror. I walked into the house…..and she was laying on our bed. -____- SHE PUSHED THE CAGE OVER TO THE BED AND CLIMBED OUT. I guess it was a fluke thing, though, because she hasn’t done it since.

Now that I say that, I’ll come home one day and she’ll have torn down the whole play pen and eaten my house.

Another day, I was cleaning up around the house, and then realized I hadn’t seen Lucy in a few minutes. I ran around the house, looked to make sure the doors were closed, all the while yelling her name (which she didn’t even know, but I tried anyways). THIS IS WHERE I FOUND HER. See that tiny speck of a dog head in the picture? Yes, she was sleeping BEHIND the pillows.

Watching her daddy play softball

Riding in the car

First time on the beach!

Ice cream beard at DQ

Nice face, Lucy.

Sleeping with Sam

I think my favorite Lucy story, though, is from the night of Justin’s softball party. He was on a slow-pitch team this year, and they were celebrating the end of the season with a clambake. I didn’t want to go at all. I was so exhausted. So Justin went, and I stayed home with Lucy. I was having such a great time at home. Sitting around in my PJs, I made dinner for myself and crashed on the couch watching Family Guy on Netflix (because we don’t have cable. Are you sensing a theme here?). Justin kept texting me that he wanted me to come to the party, so finally I changed into real clothes and got ready to leave. My car was parked across the road, so I had to put Lucy’s harness and leash on. I put her legs through the holes and bring it up to buckle it. It was way too tight, and I couldn’t get it to buckle. I was really confused, because two days earlier, her harness had fit just fine. I pulled and pulled, and finally got it buckled. And that’s when I realized why her harness didn’t fit. SHE BIT THE HARNESS WHILE I WAS PUTTING IT ON, AND NOW HER WHOLE LOWER JAW IS STUCK. BUCKLED RIGHT UP IN THE HARNESS. Now I have my dog running around the house, jumping around and rolling on the floor trying to get her mouth out of her harness. I finally wrestle her to the ground and get her unbuckled, and seeing that she wasn’t hurt, I buckled her back up (mouth in its proper spot), locked up the house, and crossed the road to my car. When I ride alone with Lucy, I buckle her harness to the passenger seatbelt so that when I step on the brakes, she doesn’t fly through the windshield. I opened the driver’s door and Lucy jumped in the car, so I went around to the passenger side to buckle her up. The seatbelt wouldn’t lock for some reason, so as I sat there wrestling with it, Lucy decides that it seems a good time to jump out of the car and run down the road.

I am SCREAMING at her to come back, but she just keeps running down the road. I finally catch up with her, throw her in the car, and go to the party. Which was rather uneventful, and made me wonder why I ever left the comfort of my couch to go to it. 

Lucy at 9 weeks. 14.5 pounds.

Lucy at 12 weeks. 26.5 pounds.

Even though she may be missing some brain cells (as I write this, she is whipping the clip of her leash into her own back -____-), we love her. I can’t believe she’s growing so fast. As of right now she’s 14 weeks and 35 pounds. I guess this is how parents feel when their kids grow up. Except I wish every day that Lucy would grow up and lose her baby teeth so she stops biting my skin off with her puppy teeth. 😛




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