Once upon a time, I forgot I had a blog…..


I forgot I had a blog. :O

Yesterday, my hairdresser asked me about my sulfate-free routine, and then I remembered.

So here I am, to tell you about my recent life.

I got a new job that I absolutely love. Honestly, I found what I want to do for the rest of my life. I’m a teacher’s aide for students with developmental disabilities and it doesn’t even feel like work. I also had to get CPR certified, which required a lot of hooking up with this handsome fella.

Hey big boy.

I spent the summer with Justin. He bought a gutted house, and we made it a home. Basically, it was a shell of a house with no rooms inside, except for a deesgusting kitchen. He made a floor plan, and built all the walls. My dad came and did all the electrical work for us. I was in charge of picking the colors and appliances, and painting all the walls (the most important stuff). I also helped with drywall, tile, and installing the hardwood floor.

Kitchen/dining area before…

…aaaand after. Windows still need trim but you get the idea.

It’s almost done now, we just have to do the trim around the window and doors. You can see pictures here! We’ve been moved in for about a month and a half, though, because of our new…

The day we got her. 9 weeks old, 14.5 pounds.

PUPPY!! Her name is Lucy, and she’s a Rottweiler/Boxer mix. She’s 13 weeks old, and since we got her at 8 weeks, she has doubled in size and weighs 32.5 pounds.

She loves the beach 🙂

Lucy also loves to chew on my entire body, and she eats EVERYTHING. Honestly. She eats corn off the cob. With her teeth. And then will lick an ice cream cone. And she doesn’t chew anything. She simply turns on the vacuum that is her mouth, and the food is on the express route to her stomach. No chewing required.

She always pees when someone comes in the house. I guess it’s because she gets excited, but all I see are the 69 empty paper towel tubes in the garbage. She’ll also take full advantage of anyone that sits on the floor at her level.


Oh. Okay.

So that’s Lucy, in a very small nutshell.
I spent 4th of July with Justin on the beach 🙂
The 4th of July tradition at the beach is that each house on the beach makes their own giant campfire, so the whole beach is lit by a string of fires. Normally very pretty, but THIS WAS THE WINDIEST DAY OF THE WHOLE SUMMER. All night we had burning bits of fire shrapnel flying into our group, and several times everyone scattered when we were being bombarded by flames. Nobody suffered any serious burns though, so I’d call it a successful night.
After this, me and Justin went up to Oneida Lake with my family to camp for the weekend. Justin spent his time chasing turtles in the water, and we actually caught three tiny ones and a big one.
Unfortunately, we had to let them go because we had nowhere to put them during our three hour ride home. We didn’t really think it through very well.
Hmmm, what else did I do this summer…

Me, Lauren, Nicole

They came to Buffalo to see me (and Ingrid Michaelson).

They also both had Mighty Taco for the first time EVER. (How did they live, I don’t know.)

And then basically, I worked. All summer. Worked at work, worked at home on the house. I decided to change majors because music school was not how I ever imagined it. Believe me, the work was easy, but I just don’t wanna do that anymore haha. I cut all my hair off. I moved in with Justin. And most importantly, I discovered that I am actually quite a good cook. Who knew?

Stay tuned for my next post, where I tell you more stories about my slightly moronic but adorable dog.


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