NO POO: Day 62 and The Adventures of SpringFest


Today is day 62, and since day 60 my hair has been straightened and it still feels fabulous 🙂

It’s Spring Fest here in Potsdam! There was some sort of carnival-esque thing going on in the Union yesterday, so me, Nicole, Caitlyn and Taylor all went to check it out. They had free popcorn, cotton candy, subs, smoothies, TIE DYE <33, caricatures, dog tags, and some other sht that I didn’t care about. Since Caitlyn works for the WAIH, our on-campus radio station, we got first pick on shirts for tye die and also got the best colors. We also stood in line for nearly two hours to get a henna tattoo. #nolife It was totally worth it though, because it looked awesome when I woke up this morning.

the words are from a jack's mannequin song, IF you were wondering.

Me, Nicole and Taylor's tie dye shirts 🙂 (mine's the one on the bottom that looks BITCHIN)

After all that excitement was over, we went back to the dorms, and me and Caitlyn cooked dinner for everyone. We had chicken fiesta, and tuna noodle casserole. DELISH. We also took it upon ourselves to blow up a bunch of condoms and tape them to our neighbors’ door. It was hilarious.


Overall, yesterday was just a great day.

Then, today, we encountered a common type of person at college that I like to call “Laundry Room Bitch.”

Laundry Room Bitches are people that just LOVE to mess with everyone’s laundry.

Today, me and Nicole needed to wash our tie dye shirts, so we went into the laundry room and saw that the two washers had clothes in them. So while the washers were running, we used that time to rinse our tie dye under the sink (you have to do this to get the extra dye out). When we were done, no one had come to claim the clothes in the washers, but the cycles were over, so we just took the clothes out and set them on top of their respective washers. Now, one of the washers had a load in it that was on the small side, but that happens a lot. But the other washer only had maybe 3 pieces of clothing in it!

So me and Nicole put our clothes in the two now-open washers, and then left the laundry room. When we came back to switch our laundry to the dryer, THE GIRL HAD USED BOTH DRYERS. One for her very small load of clothes, and another for her other “three pieces of clothing” load. So, annoyed, me and Nicole opened both dryers, combined her clothes, and turned the dryer back on. Then we used the empty dryer for our clothes. We also wrote the girl a note telling her that we had combined her laundry because a) she had unnecessarily small loads of clothes, and b) WE NEED A DRYER TOO.


The note read…

“To Whom it may Concern,

We understand your need to wash clothes in separate loads, but drying them together does NOT make the colors run. So we took it upon ourselves to combine your loads into one, since there are a lot of other people on this floor with laundry to do. Thanks for your cooperation.

<3, Everyone on the first floor”

After we placed the note, we left the laundry room, but went back a little while later to check the laundry.

The bitch. Had opened. Our dryer. And. The. Clothes. Were still. Wet. -___________-

SO, we started the dryer again, and then went back to our room to get our computers (since apparently we were going to have to monitor the washers and dryers we were using), and when we got there, there was a guy camped out at the table with his laptop too! So we joined him, and after a little while, some girl came in and told him, “Come back to the room now.” SHE SENT HIM TO WATCH US. LOL.

Needless to say, we won the laundry battle.

SO, now that this weekend is over, we are getting into Spring Festival week at Crane! Unfortunately, this week is filled with HOURS of rehearsals, but since Nicole, Caitlyn, Lauren and I are all in Crane Chorus, the hours of rehearsals lead to a paid trip to NYC! 🙂 Crane Chorus and Crane Symphony Orchestra are performing Verdi’s Messa da Requiem, and it’s going to be phenomenal.

ANYWAYS, make sure to keep following Nicole’s blog! She’s got some new NO POO developments to share with everyone.


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