NO POO: Day 60


Yes, I realize today is 4/20.

But I couldn’t care less, because today is the two-month anniversary of me starting no poo!



clean roots, but so staticky!

So since I haven’t written in awhile, I’m going to update you on a few things I’ve tried:

  • So, Nicole’s cousin sent her a bunch of essential oils that one time, and it was really cool. And then Nicole realized they made her hair feel really greasy so she gave them to me. At first, I used 3 drops in with my baking soda. EW. No. Not ever using three drops again. So then I tried something else. After I got out of the shower, I would towel dry my hair and then take ONE drop and rub it between my hands, and then rub it in my hair. It definitely made my hair smell great, but didn’t really change the texture of my hair. Today though, I put ONE drop in with my baking soda. Then, I blow-dried and straightened my hair and WOW OMG YES. My hair looks, feels, and smells GREAT.
  • Also, as previously discussed, I am up to almost 10 days between baking soda washes. 🙂 On the odd days, I just rinse with water while scrubbing my scalp, and then rinse with lemon juice. Usually on those days I scrunch my hair with mousse, and it feels great. If I want to straighten my hair for any reason, I usually scrub with baking soda first, because then I can leave my hair straight for almost 6 days.

Well that’s all for today 🙂 Check out Nicole’s blog for her new take on NO POO.


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