NO POO: Day 36



I know you all probably forgot who I am. You probably forgot what “no poo” means, too. And I’m sorry that I let you down, my devoted followers.

But……I haven’t had anything to write about. :O

See, after my disgustingly gross (not that bad, I’m overreacting) readjustment period, my hair snapped out of that funk SO FAST. Like, faster than a cat pouncing on a mouse. Or a roller coaster. Or NASCAR.

It was almost instantaneous. Like, my hair felt gross on Monday, 3/19, which was day 28. I realized I hadn’t washed with baking soda for a week and a day, so I scrubbed my head with baking soda. After that? Not even the slightest bit greasy. A week later (yesterday, day 25) I washed with baking soda again just for cleanliness’ sake, but my hair really could have gone longer without a wash. I’ve just been doing lemon juices every day and scrubbing my head under the running water. And it looks awesome. I can scrunch with mousse and let it air dry, and instead of being frizzy and poofy like before, it’s smooth and beachy-wavy. It’s super shiny, and silky soft. And it always feels awesome, even right at the roots.


Go no poo. You will not regret it. I don’t even remember what it’s like to use shampoo.

I used to love thinking about no poo and I took great care making the baking soda paste, but now I don’t even use that as much. I do it without even having to think about it now. And every time I do it, it feels less and less strange, and more wonderful. 

Plus, my hair looks and feels the best it ever has. It’s been months since I’ve had a hair cut, but I hardly have any split ends.

I can’t wait to go home and tell my hairdresser, “Please don’t use shampoo on my hair, I don’t use it anymore” and see the look on her face. 🙂

And ever since I started talking about no poo, people catch on. (Those people are very smart).

REMEMBER: You don’t have to do it for any reason other than looking good. But you’re going to save money, and you’re going to save the environment.

I did it to look good, and I do. 

I’ll write soon and post more pictures of my new hair!! 🙂



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