NO POO: Days 15-22

So I know that I haven’t written in awhile. I KNOW. But some big things have happened since I last wrote! I moved into a new dorm building (and am now living with Nicole!), taught my first lesson, and came home for spring break! So, I’m gonna fill you in on every day since I last wrote (some days don’t have pictures, I’m sorry!) and I promise I’ll keep better tabs on this blog from now on πŸ™‚

SO……drumroll please……

DAY 15: 3/6/12

So as of day 14, I hadn’t washed with baking soda since day 12 (3/3/12). By day 15, my hair was…..well, gross.

I am definitely hitting that "readjustment phase" that I was warning everyone about...

My. Hair. Was. So. Greasy.Β 

So I washed it. Now remember how I said I was going to try just washing once a week with baking soda? Well, this is the first time in my “no poo” experience that I have had just downright nasty hair. But I had been preparing myself for this day, so I calmly washed my hair and blow dried it. It looked fine, and I went about my life.

DAY 16: 3/7/12

My hair still felt and looked clean on day 16, so I didn’t do anything to it. Just brushed it and went to class. But something new and exciting happened today–Nicole’s cousin Haley sent Nicole some scented essential oils from a store in Ithaca. She got peppermint, lemongrass, and sweet orange. Needless to say, we were very excited that we could now make “scented poo”.

PS: If you aren’t following Nicole’s blog… should be. Click here to read πŸ™‚

DAY 17: 3/8/12

Day 17? My hair looked great still, but the next day I was supposed to give a presentation in one of my classes (about no poo, ironically) and I wanted my hair to look it’s best (so people didn’t think I was a dirty hippie). SO. I used only about half a teaspoon of baking soda (because I felt guilty after washing with only a day in between washes) and made the “poo” quite thin and watery, and when I got in the shower, I just dumped the stuff over my head. I massaged my scalp for at least two minutes, making sure it was as clean as it could be, and then rinsed with lemon juice. (side note: I added two drops of lemongrass oil to this “poo” mixture and it made my hair smell lovely!) I blow dried it that night, but held off on straightening it until I woke up in the morning, because sometimes I get lucky and don’t even need to straighten it!


For our music ed class, we all had to teach the class a 5 to 7 minute lesson on anythingΒ except music. So naturally, I chose no poo. People seemed really thrown by it at first, but as I explained the process and how cheap it is (and how awesome it makes your hair look), people started asking more and more questions, and seemed less weirded out as time went on, haha. I did end up straightening the ends of my hair when I woke up, but that’s just because I had some kind of porcupine-looking thing going on with the back of my hair. Also, I’m noticing that my hair gets softer and softer every day…..IT’S SO SOFT, PEOPLE.

DAY 19: 3/10/12

My hair still looked good from yesterday, so I left it and just brushed it really well. The more you brush, the more you help to distribute your hair’s natural oils, so on the days I don’t wash, I brush it quite a few times a day. Plus, I just love how my hair feels right after I brush it, haha. Today was pretty boring, so I’ll move onto tomorrow.

DAY 20: 3/11/12

Now remember me telling you about how my hair has been much greasier lately? Well, this is all part of the readjustment phase. I just have to keep reminding myself that it will be better soon. But today, I came home from Justin’s to go to a baby shower, and my mom told me my hair looked disgusting. She was right. My hair is still in that chunk of time where it’s going to be overly greasy. I’m going to assume this is where many people quit no poo. PLEASE DON’T QUIT! If you go back to shampoo at this point, you will be so disappointed with how your hair looks, and it will be greasier than ever, haha. Just stick with it and things will get better. But anyways, to appease my mom (and to not have gross hair), I went and stuck my head under the sink and scrubbed my hair until the water. It definitely made a difference in the appearance of my hair, but it still felt sooo oily. At least it looked fine. πŸ˜› It was a really nice day on Sunday, so I twisted my bangs back and french braided my hair to keep it off my neck. Before I went to bed that night, I snapped 2 pictures:

my hair before I took it out of its french braid...

...and after.

As you can see in the after picture, my hair kinda got “stuck” in the braid that it had been in all day, and as a result, I ended up with kinda wavy, kinda gross hair. It definitely felt cleaner after I had stuck my head in the sink, but it was far from my ideal hair day.Β 

DAY 21: 3/12/12

Moments after I woke up today, I snapped some pictures of my gross hair (since my camera was still sitting on the counter from the night before. I was tired, okay? πŸ˜› )


I look so awake and happy -___-

my roots looked fine, but didn't feel like it.

My hair felt about the same as the day before, but I hadn’t washed since day 17 (and the was only a “half wash”) I decided to give it a good scrub. I made my “poo” as usual, but I forgot my tea tree oil at school. 😦 booooo Anyways, I scrubbed it real good and blow dried it, and this is what I got:

all clean! πŸ™‚

and this…


Now even after I washed my hair, it felt really greasy. I just kept blow drying it, trying to ignore it, but it definitely felt waaaayyyyy more greasy than it ever does. But something strange happened. Within about two hours, that greasy feeling was gone, and my hair was SOOOO SOFFFFTTTTT. I couldn’t stop touching it.Β 

DAY 22: 3/13/12

And now, I am finally caught up on my no poo blog! Go me!Β 

Today I had observations to get done (for one of my teacher ed classes), so I got up and checked out my hair. It still looked and felt wonderful from yesterday, so all I did was straighten the ends and BAM! I was ready to go to the school. I can still tell that my hair feels greasier than normal, but I have faith that the readjustment period will be well worth it in the end. πŸ™‚


AS ALWAYS, feel free to write comments in the section below! Make sure you keep following Nicole‘s blog as she documents her journey through no poo. And again, I promise to better at writing these posts! πŸ™‚

Fun fact: this post has 1, 230 words and took me half an hour to write…if only writing papers for school were this easy!


One thought on “NO POO: Days 15-22

  1. my hair in in limbo too. At first I thought it was just the difference in the water here but I don’t think thats it. I washed mine today and even after I did that it still felt greasy. 😦

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