NO POO: Day 14, and Brigid’s gone NO POO!!


SO today, you get to hear my dear friend Brigid’s no poo story!

I sent her some questions to answer for us, and I also have pictures of her progress so far 🙂

Me: What was your hair care routine before no poo?
Brigid: My typical hair routine was usually, every other day. My hair is one of the lucky ones where I could usually go that second day, but it was usually back in a pony, or pinned back. Although when I had more time to go the gym, it would become daily..I was afraid of the grease.

Me: What was the total price of your hair care products before no poo?
Brigid: Oh god. Too much! haha I would probably spend anywhere from $15-30 monthly on hair care products. My hair is thick, and a medium length now, so I’ve always been used to that! I didn’t think any differently. It was worse when I was using shampoo/conditioner from Sallys Beauty!

Me: What is your routine now? 
Brigid: Today is day three. I have yet to wash since day 1. When I woke up this morning my hair felt a little greasy but it didn’t look THAT greasy..weird, right? Woo!
Okay, so my typical steps, now:
1. Mixing my baking soda with the tiniest amount of water in a little cup beforehand, along with a separate cup for my apple cider vinegar water mixture.
2. I researched this a bit before I hopped in. Using the spoon I used to mix, I scooped a bit into my hand for each section, and massaged in. I first massage the part of my head where a crown would typically go, then flipped my head over to get the back, and finished my massaging my temples, part line and hair line. I let everything soak in for a few minutes while continuing to massage my scalp.
3. Rinse! Its okay if it feels funny. Were used to suds.
4. Next I took my apple cider vinegar and water mixture, also in a little cup, and took the spoon I used with the baking soda mixture (rinsed first of course) and used it to have more of a precise location instead of just merely pouring it on in the hopes of not missing areas. I only rinsed my ends in this, but put a tiny bit on my scalp. I’m not sure if I’ll do that again, although I don’t think I had any adverse affects from it.
5. Rinse! again, it feels a bit off. BUT, it is okay!
6. I got out, got ready like usual, and then went in to dry my hair. It literally took HALF the time! I was amazed. My hair is thick remember, so a normal 15-20 minute dry with a little dampness was what I expected. This time, under 10minutes and completely dry! Say what?!
7. My hair looked marvelous day 1, so I didn’t straighten..but day 2 (due to a night time pony) I straightened, and it looked great again-maybe even better! Day 3, still looks good, no straightening or anything needed despite my pony I am currently sporting. I think i could get away with just rinsing before I go out tonight. I shall try! Heres hoping!

Me: What was the total price of your no poo supplies?
Brigid: FREE. My mother already had these products on hand at home; lucky me! Although, I think I will go out and get some lemon juice and tea tree oil. I don’t expect to spend anything beyond $6 at Walmart, and it sure will last a lot longer than a month!

Me: What changes have you noticed in your hair since you started no poo?
Brigid: My hair is slightly more static, but it had been that way for some unbenounced reason the last week before starting no poo. I also think I used a bit too much baking soda (debacle between adding too much water to the mix the first time!)
It is shinier. I have more control over it. It feels different, but not in a bad way, just different. It is super soft. The best thing though is of course: CLEANER LONGER!
Basically, overall I don’t know why I even waited to start this.

Me: What are some things you would like to accomplish with no poo? (longer time between washes, healthier hair, etc?)
Brigid: Yes, and yes. I would love to eventually get down to not doing any washes other than every 3-4 weeks or even at all, but I do think I would like to “condition” it every week or so, maybe two. I want it to stay as bold and beautiful as ever. Having a less processed body, which clearly now includes my hair/scalp is making my research more ways to do at home care for the fraction of the cost! 

Me: Lastly, would you recommend no poo to others?
Brigid: Heck ya! DO IT! You will not be sorry. I know people are skeptical and all, I was too, until someone I knew, B!, was doing it! If she and I, as well as her other friends can have fantastic results, and the thousands of people on the internet too, I’m sure you can as well! 

Brigid also says, “Thank you to Brianna for asking me to do this. I’m excited to see what doing “no poo” has in store for my hair, and what my hairdresser will say tonight when I go get my trim! I’m hoping my hair will look EVEN BETTER if that is even possible!” 

Brigid’s Day 3

So theres a bit of an adjustment..
Day 3 I only rinsed with water and apple cider vinegar. My hair was passable. (I forgot to take pictures until day 4, oops!) Take my word for it, it wasn’t my best hair day, but man oh man was it better than even a typical day 2 hair with “poo”. I’ll take it!

Brigid’s Day 4
Day 4 is not so hot. I didn’t shower-it was a lazy day at home, consisting of glasses wearing, and sweatpants while applying to jobs and setting up interviews..sooo, I let my head get grossly greasy looking. Oddly it doesn’t feel THAT bad, but it certainly doesn’t look all that appealing. I will see what tomorrow morning looks like..expecting it to be gross. Definitely showering tomorrow either way!

Brigid's roots, day 4

Brigid’s Day 4… and 1/2

Sooo, CLEARLY I am indecisive. Have you ever had one of those nights where you didn’t feel like that shower could wait until the morning despite the odd hour? Well, that was me. So I’m now present on Day 4 1/2.
I used the baking soda mixture-I adjusted it this time though, to two heaping teaspoons because my hair was full of static Day 1 post wash.
I followed my routine, and blow dried because I was too eager to see the results, and if I do say so myself, my hair is quite dashing (although, my face does not represent it). Look at those roots!

Brigid, day 4 1/2 post wash roots


Brigid’s Day 5

Heres at the end of Day 5..I straightened it this morning, and it still feels FAB.

Brigid with her hair all straightened 🙂

I hope you enjoyed getting another take on no poo. Hopefully more of you decide to join me 🙂

SO, as for me, it’s day 14 and I’m so settled into this routine. Every day my hair feels silkier and softer and I love it. The last time I washed my hair was Saturday (day 12), and today I wore it up just because I felt like it haha. I don’t have any pictures from today, but it’s just clean and pulled back in a ponytail, nothing too exciting. Tonight I’m going to wash with plain water and rinse with lemon juice, but that’s all I plan on doing. My new goal is to start going a full week between baking soda washes, so let’s see how I do 🙂

DON’T FORGET TO KEEP FOLLOWING NICOLE! See you tomorrow, no poo-ers 🙂


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