NO POO: Day 10


Fun fact: Today is Justin Bieber’s 18th birthday.

And tomorrow is Justin (my boyfriend’s) 21st birthday!! 🙂


So anyways, it’s day 10, and this is what my hair looked like literally minutes after I woke up today. I didn’t brush it or anything:

LOL can you tell I just woke up?

 I honestly could have left the room like this and no one would have noticed. But I love the feeling of freshly brushed hair. So I got dressed and brushed it out, and this is what it looks like now:


 And don’t forget about the roots:

sorry for the flyaways, hehe. also, why am I such a ginger?

Needless to say, NO POO is making my life so easy. And it’s making my fabulous hair even more fabulous. I’m hoping tomorrow I wake up with such awesome hair again, it’s Justin’s birthday and I wanna look goooooooooood. 🙂

Here’s a little summary of my fav things about no-poo so far:

  • Yes to tea tree oil. It makes the “poo” easier to manage and makes your scalp feel AWESOME.
  • It cuts my drying time down by 5 minutes, and my hair is more cooperative when styling.
  • All I have to do is brush my hair in the morning, and I’m set to go.
  • My hair is so shiny and voluminous!!
 So there you have it, people. Stay tuned, because this weekend I’m going to be doing a feature on my dear friend, Brigid, and her experiences with her first few days of no poo. 🙂
Keep following Nicole’s progress here, and follow Lauren as well!! 🙂


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