NO POO: Day 9


Today is day 9. And as of yesterday, I have one “no poo” follower (besides Nicole)!! My RA from last semester started no poo yesterday. Hopefully soon I’ll start including interviews of people so you can get as much information about no poo as possible (and hopefully decide to join us!). My friend Lauren is also joining us, and she’ll be writing a blog about it, too! I’ll post the link here as soon as I know it. 🙂

Nicole also convinced our friend Caitlyn to start, so pretty soon Nicole will be posting pictures from the two of them! You can follow their progress here at Nicole’s blog.

As of today, I haven’t washed my hair with anything except plain water since Saturday morning. My hair feels really oily today, but like I’ve explained before, it’s not how my hair usually feels when it’s oily. It looks kinda oily too, but I think that’s just because I’m due for a wash. The longer you wait between washes, the faster your transition to complete no-poo status will be. I’m convinced that I’m really starting to make progress with this. 🙂 Here’s what my hair looked like this morning:

ewww time for a wash


Today, I washed with tea tree “poo”, which I wrote about in my last post here. It’s supposed to stop the itchiness, so I hope it helps. I also tried lemon juice instead of vinegar, and let me tell you, it smells a hell of a lot better than vinegar when the hot water hits it haha. Let me tell you, I like this combination A LOT. The tea tree oil makes the “poo” feel so much better. I think the feeling of the plain baking soda paste is gross. It makes my hair feel kinda crunchy and grimy. But when I added the tea tree oil…


It made the “poo” spread a lot easier, and it almost felt like normal shampoo. When I rinsed it out, my hair felt softer in the water. Afterwards, I used the lemon juice, and it made my ends feel great. And the smell and feeling was better than the vinegar 🙂 The tea tree oil made my scalp feel cool and tingly, and the menthol-like scent mixed with the lemon was nice 🙂 And today is the best my hair has looked since we started no poo.

all clean 🙂

my hair has never looked so good.

SO as you can see, I am very happy with no poo. In love, actually.

So is Nicole. Check her out here.

And so is Lauren! I found her blog. Click here  to see her Day 1. 🙂


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