NO POO: Day 6


Yesterday was Day 5, but I didn’t post because I was in Ottawa for a friend’s birthday!! I was actually there with Nicole, too. We had a great time, if you were wondering. 😉 

(P.S. Keep following Nicole’s “no ‘poo” progress at her blog here!!)

Anyways, yesterday, I washed with just water, and did an apple cider vinegar rinse. My hair felt clean, surprisingly. I blow dried my hair and straightened it yesterday, and it looked so good! My hair was shiny and so smooth, and even though I straightened it, it had body and volume. 

And today on Day 6, I woke up and brushed my hair, and it still feels perfectly clean and looks great (even though I slept until 1 pm). Here are some pictures from today:

I'm kinda falling in love with no poo if it means I can wake up looking this good every morning... 🙂

Roots are soft and clean 🙂

So, what do you think? My hair looks pretty good for “not washing it”, huh? 🙂 Leave comments and questions in the comments section below!

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