NO POO: Day 1


If you read my introduction to the “no ‘poo” situation, you already know why I’m doing this. (If not, read it here:

If you don’t know who Nicole is, she’s my partner in crime in the “No Poo” project 🙂 Check out her progress on her blog by clicking here.

But I have to admit, I was kind of intimidated by the whole ‘no shampoo’ idea. And by intimidated, I mean skeptical. But last week, Nicole and I went to Wal-Mart and picked up some of the supplies needed for this endeavor. After reading about 20 different blogs and articles about no-shampoo, we discovered many alternatives to shampoo. The common thread, though, was baking soda.

So, we bought a box of baking soda each ($.54 for a one pound box), and I also bought a small container of apple cider vinegar ($.50 for 16 oz). For a total of $1.04, I got enough supplies to keep my hair clean for about a month. Much cheaper than the $20+ you’d spend on shampoo.

Nicole started right in on the project. She immediately stopped using shampoo, and her hair looked just fine- even shinier-than it did before.

I, on the other hand, did not. I went home for the weekend, but when I got back to school, I realized I had left my shampoo and condition at home. CRAP.

I realized I had no choice but to just use the baking soda. So I did.

From what we’ve read online, you’re supposed to use 1 Tbsp or less of baking soda. The easiest way to apply it is to measure it into a cup, and add a small amount of water to it to make a paste (Nicole’s idea). I did just this, but upon rinsing my hair, it felt, well, GROSS. Usually when I rinse my hair, it feels so silky when it runs under the water. But today it felt straw-like and dry, and squeaky is the only word I can use to describe it. I immediately regretted using the baking soda, and rinsed my hair as best I could before I got out. But I didn’t want to give up that easy, so I did what I always do. I brushed it out, and then wrapped it up in a towel to remove excess water. After that, I put some of my usual styling product into my hair, and blow dried it. And guess what?

My hair. Looked. Great.

As soon as I started to dry my hair I noticed that my hair was shiny and soft.

Here’s how you do it: you wet your hair, and scoop the baking soda-paste out of the cup and dump it on your head. Scrub it in like you would shampoo. Massage your scalp as well, because the baking soda is a great exfoliant to remove the dead skin on your scalp. Rinse throughly to make sure you get all the baking soda out of your hair. You can follow up with a lemon juice or apple cider vinegar as a clarifying rinse. It gets rid of tangles and softens hair, almost like a conditioner, but without all the harmful chemicals.

Granted, it’s only day one for me. But Nicole’s on day 5 and her hair looks just as clean as it did with shampoo.

I guess we’ll see 🙂

Day one of "no poo" has been good to me 🙂

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