A word about my best friend


That’s my word for Rachael. Because she’s my second cousin. We were born a month apart (I’m older, obvs.), and since then we have been just about inseparable. Since we were little girls, we’d spend as much time as we could together.

When we were young, life was good. We went to Darien Lake for Rachael’s birthday a couple times. We’d have sleepovers, and end up staying a week instead of a night, borrowing clothes and washing the ones we came with so we’d have clean undies to wear. We’d ride the four wheelers around at the land together. The highlights of our whole year were the family reunion and the Father’s Day party my grandma has every June.

And we always shared a dream that we would grow up to be best friends forever. We imagined going to college together, and that we would live together in an apartment and work at Sea World.

Obviously, it was a childhood dream that we shared with Snoop Dogg.

As we progressed into high school, though, our parents drove us EVERYWHERE and didn’t always want to drive us to each other’s houses, and for a long time we would only see each other maybe twice a year.

During our senior year, though, we found out that we had both been accepted to SUNY Fredonia. And at the end of that summer, we got our roommate info forms-with each other’s names on them. It was our dream come to life (except for the Sea World thing.)

So, in August of 2010, we moved into 308 Nixon Hall and started our freshman year of college. It was a blast. We spent the year eating Easy Mac in our pig sty of a room. We bunked our beds, and decorated for every holiday like we were getting paid. (Which we weren’t.) We did everything together, even checked the mail together. We were each other’s rock, and it was nice to be able to cry and laugh and fart without fear of judgement. It felt like home.

Then I got the terrible news that I was not being accepted into Fredonia’s music program, and it rocked my world. I had to leave my safe, homey room and travel the tri-state area on a slew of auditions, finally being accepted to Crane. Which meant I had to move 5 hours away from Fredonia.

These were the hard times, my friends. Even though me and Rach still had fun, we all felt the impending doom of my departure. At the end of Spring semester, Rach moved out a couple hours before me, and I was left to wait until Justin got out of his final. I double-checked the room, packed everything into my car, and then sat on my empty bed to wait for Justin.

It was like a hole had been torn in my heart. Everything I knew of college, and loved about Fredonia, was being torn away from me. I just sat and stared out the window, until finally the RA came in. I signed my form, handed over my key, and left Nixon for the last time.

And now, here I sit, literally on the other end of New York state.  My room does not feel like home, no matter how hard I try.

But instead of fighting and growing apart, like what happens to most friends/family who room together, me and Rach only grew closer. She is my best friend, and she’s more of a sister than a cousin to me. She’s still my rock, and I know I’m stuck with her, since we’re blood relation and all.

And I cannot WAIT to go home for Christmas break, so we can have another ridiculously long sleepover, like we did when we were 10. 🙂

rach passed out in bed. and our room all decorated for christmas.lookin' hot, as usual. <33