When I Grow Up

When we’re little, everyone always asks us what we want to be when we grow up.

When I was four, I told my mom that I wanted to be a “baby doctor” (aka, OB-GYN. Not gonna happen.)

When I was eight, I decided I was going to be a veterinarian (until I did a job shadow at a vet clinic and watched a cat get neutered…some things cannot be unseen. And also can potentially be scarring to an eight year old.)

When I graduated from college, I left with the intent of becoming a music teacher. Actually, a choral conductor. IF you were wondering.

Now that I’m finally on the right track to my dream job, I sometimes daydream about other things I could be when I get older outside of a career. I’ve constructed a short list of things that I’d love to be when I’m older, so here we go:

  • An awesome mom. Okay, so for the longest time I insisted that I would never have kids. All the adults in my life would just laugh and say, “Wait ’til you get older. That will change.” I denied it, and said I would never want to have kids. Well, I want them. I’m gonna be that mom that goes to every volleyball game, screaming from the bench. I’m gonna go to every piano recital, every karate test, every spelling bee, every concert. I wanna be like my mom, and be a mother, but also a best friend. I want kids so badly. Not now though, for the love of all that is holy, not now.
  • A wife!! Some people were just made to get married, and if you don’t agree with me I don’t know what to tell you, haha. I hate dating and I hate going out and getting dressed up and flirting with guys. I do not think it is fun. I’m the kind of girl who waits for guys to come to her. Thankfully, I think I’ve found my soulmate, so I’m off the hook I think. I am a caring person and I love unconditionally. I’m like a dog. Only I’m not saying that to be offensive. I can’t wait to move in with someone, and plan a wedding and get married and live happily ever after. I’m such a girl >:)
  • An extreme couponer. I’m not kidding. Ask my mom. Ask my sisters. Ask Justin. I love coupons. I probably won’t have a stockpile. You know, a stockpile of food and stuff that could keep the Duggars alive for 10 years, underground, during a nuclear holocaust? Yeah, I don’t plan on dedicating an entire room of my house to a pile of food, sorry. But I WILL save money.
  • An amateur photographer. I’m not going to take pictures to sell. I take them for myself and friends and family. I’m already the “photographer” for Justin’s volleyball team, but I love taking pictures at family events, parties, vacations, and of my dogs too. I’m saving up to buy me a new camera as we speak. 🙂
  • A sewer…seamstress? …Person who can make their own clothes. I’ve already tried my hand at making my own clothes and it turned out good! I made my sisters and I each a skirt for a total of $11. So, if I can save that kind of money, while also making clothes that look and fit exactly as I want, I’m game.
  • A cook/baker. I can already bake, but I want to learn how to make more yummy desserts and pretty cakes. As for cooking…we’re starting from square one.
  • A famous conductor. I might as well put it out there that I’m obviously not in this job for the money. I just want to be a conductor, and a good one at that. I want to be the person that choir directors think of when they need help, or want to bring in a guest conductor. I want to be called all over the place to conduct for other people, and help other choirs. I would absolutely LOVE to be called out for NYSSMA conference concerts and stuff like that. It would be a dream come true. 🙂
  • A ballerina! I’m being dead serious. Learning ballet is one thing that I have ALWAYS wanted to do, but never been physically capable of. I know the world of dance gets insanely competitive and it’s a tough world to jump into at the age of 19+. But I’m hoping that someday soon I find a patient teacher who is in it for her students, and not just for herself.
  • …or, a karate master. If I can’t take ballet, then getting a black belt is next in line.
  • Hairdresser on the side, fo sho. I already trim my own hair, since I’m a broke college kid/Cranie who doesn’t have the time/money to get my hair cut by someone else. Also, I’m very picky about who cuts my hair because it has to be done a certain way, and only my hairdresser from home seems to understand that. I also want to cut my family’s hair, and maybe some friends’ hair too. Saves money. That’s all I care about.
Alright, so that’s all I can think of for now. But yeah, here’s a condensed list of my daydreams and fantasies. What do you want to be when you grow up?

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