( ^^ gordon   (the dogs)   rocky ^^  )

So, on several occasions, my dad has told me that I should go into theatre. I’m not really sure why he says things like this….okay, yes I do. But still, I’m not dramatic for the purpose of being a diva, or the center of attention….okay, yes I am. I just feel like life can get boring if you don’t spice it up, so I add some spice whenever I get the chance.

Case in point: My family has two small Dogs. They are rat terriers, and their names are Gordon and Rocky. I love them, but they always eat things that they shouldn’t, so we have a baby gate up in our kitchen so that they can’t escape into the rest of the house.

Well, on various occasions, this same gate has been known to turn into some sort of evil, toe-grabbing force that ALWAYS throws me to the floor. I get home from school for a week long break, and am carrying 854739 bags into the house in one trip to save time? The gate makes sure I drop every last bag and kick the gate across the house.

I just got home from work at midnight and can’t see anything in the dark? Well, the gate always thinks I’d rather lay on the floor instead of in my bed.

And what no one in my house understands is just how evil this gate is. I am so careful! I use my phone as a flashlight in the dark, and make sure my toe is nowhere near the dangerous gaps in the plastic of the gate. As soon as I look away from the gate, my toe gets stuck (and it’s always my big toe) and TIMMMMBERRRR!—down I go.

And every time I fall–EVERY TIME–I open my eyes to see my family laughing and pointing, just like a high school bully after pushing a nerd to the floor.

And I always have rug burn on my face.

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