I could complain about my day, but…

…I’d rather find the humor in it.

Take today, for instance. Today is a rainy, gray, boring day. One of those days where you just wanna stay curled up in your bed, but you know you have to get up anyways and walk through the cold rain.

Last Friday, I was getting ready to go to the State Fair with my family. I made a list of all my homework that was due in the next week, finished the homework that was due on Monday, and then packed my bags and left. This morning, however, I realized I had mistakenly written one of my assignments as being due on Tuesday- but the class is only on Mondays and Wednesdays. So instead of a hot shower and breakfast this morning, I worked on homework for 45 minutes, threw some random clothes on and started on my trek to Crane.

I also forgot I owned rain boots. I just got them over the weekend and they were hidden under a pile of stuff that I dumped out of my bag. So, I put flip flops on and ran outside. It was freezing. I think I walked through about 734985 puddles before I remembered that I had boots.

Well, no time to go back. I had class in 5 minutes and had about ten minutes of walking ahead of me. By some miracle of God I got to class a minute early. The professor was handing back our quizzes from Friday, and I got a 100. Good grades were the only GOOD things that happened today, I swear.

After theory, I have to run alllllllllll the way across campus to get to my comp class. Mind you, this is a class I took during high school, but for some reason I am still required to take it….  Anyways, I got to comp on time to hand in my project. Got my assignments back from last week, and lo and behold, I scored perfects on each of them.

So after my comp class and literacy class were over, I ran back to my dorm to put my rain boots and a hoodie on. Then I trudged back to Crane for my studio class. Once I got to Hosmer, my class discovered that our teacher never showed up to school that day. Great, I thought to myself. I’m supposed to have a lesson today, and my teacher isn’t here.

When it came time to go to my lesson, I went upstairs to sit outside her door, just in case she showed up. I thought I’d give my teacher a call, and I accidentally misdialed her cell number. When a man answered, I panicked and hung up the phone, and then redialed the correct number. After leaving a voicemail for my teacher, I sat down in the hall outside her office and my phone started ringing. The number I called on accident was on the screen, so I answered it to apologize. Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: “Hello?”

caller: “Hi, who is this?”

me: “Sorry, I called the wrong number.”

caller’s gf? : “Who is this? Why are you calling my boyfriend? What’s your name? Are you calling to talk to Will?”

me: “No, I dialed the wrong number. That’s all.”

caller’s gf: “DON’T CALL HERE AGAIN. *click*”

Well, I didn’t plan on calling again. Within the next twenty minutes, that number and another number called me SIX TIMES. They also left a voicemail that said, “I don’t know who you are, but stop calling my son’s and my husband’s phones. I am NOT IMPRESSED. I don’t care who you are, or what state you live in, but if you call here one more time I will call the police and have you arrested for telephone harassment. Okay thanks bye!”

I laughed out loud and played the message for my roommate. My mom said she’d block the numbers from my phone. My boyfriend (who works for the police) said that telephone harassment isn’t even real, and that I can’t get arrested for calling someone ONE TIME on accident anyways.

I love people, they give me a reason to laugh throughout the day. (:

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