i wantttt ittttt

Isn’t it funny, that when we want something, we will work so hard to get it? We’ll do what ever it takes to get that something, and when we finally do, it’s such an amazing feeling. If we don’t, well, we all know what happens then.

For me, I’ve had two things that I’ve worked almost my entire life to achieve.

One was getting into a music school. And I was successful.

The second was my dream since I was twelve: That I would someday play volleyball at a collegiate level.

Music and volleyball are both physically and mentally demanding. Being a musician, you need strong hands, and a strong will to push past all the crap that will be thrown your way. It’s competitive field, and you have to come out strong on the other side to even be noticed for a job.

Volleyball, well, volleyball has broken me down. It has pushed me past limits I didn’t even know I could survive. It has changed my personality, and as a result, I have developed into a more mature, self-disciplining person. I don’t get mad when I screw up, or lose, anymore. I fix the mistakes and do it right the next time. I’m quick on my feet and I can jump twice as high as you can. I’m small but strong, and if you leave a spot empty on the court, I WILL put it there.

And for the past week, all I’ve done is play volleyball, and make changes within myself. And tonight I find out if all that hard work, pain, exhaustion, and sheer frustration has paid off.

That jersey is mine.

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