20 Things I Miss About Fredonia

20) The soft serve machine at Erie.

19) My beautiful, clean bathrooms in Nixon.

18) My volleyball team!

17) My ridiculously great friends from my hall.

16) Cheesy Friday. Mmmm…

15) My BIG, spacious dorm room.

14) Baby Angel.

13) The beautiful campus.

12) LoGrasso and all of it’s helpful medical and psychological staff. Oh wait…

11) Star-fucking-bucks.

10) Robert. Now who’s going to tell me how many meals I have left…?

09) Drunken Lindsey Fix.

08) Sober Lindsey Fix.

07) The library and all of it’s sweet spots to study.

06) Buster Brown. I need to find somewhere new to get breakfast now.

05) Having my mailbox in my dorm building.

04) LaundryView.

03) Having friends.

02) My wonderful roommate/cousin, Rachael. I miss having a messy disgusting room (that had spider-eating ants in it) with you already.

01) My boyfriend who farts a lot but I still love him.


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